Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aryz on a scale out of spain

I have looked but aside from his site I can find no real info as far as a bio or anything so here is his work anyway. Hes works along side a number of graffiti artists but his work has that little something extra ... see what you think. A lazy little post for my return from holiday. Enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Matias Bechtold and Evol ... making a city.

A very lazy post today, just something to warm up with after New Years. Have spent this time wisely working on some of my on pieces and throwing up more walls inside the gallery space at JJ Morgan & Co. I did manage to waste a few hours stumbling round in cyberspace with little to show for it. What there was I now share, two artists working on ideas surrounding urban spaces.

The first is Matias Bechtold,
not much I can tell you about him at this time as I do not speak German. I do know he was born 1955 in Ibiza, Spain, lives and works in Berlin. That and he is a trained modeler, it says so right here. Working out of corrugated card he creates detailed city-scapes (My interest in city-scapes is well documented inside my flickr gallery). Using card as a medium brings up alot of interesting points. Card is often used as little more then a packing material to be used and discarded. Here Matias elevates its status and value showing the materials full potential. The structures a breath taking. I found his work while looking at another artist by the name of Evol.

Matias photos taken from

Now. Evol also lives and works in Berlin. And again that is also about all I could find about him. He does have a degree in product design and has been exhibiting his works for a few years now in both galleries and on the street. His latest work took him off the city streets and into a long abandoned meat processing plant to produce his latest work titled - caspar david friedrich stadt.

"Painted in a 10 x 8m hole in the ground on the abandoned slaughterhouse area in dresden,

probably the former foundation of a huge boiler plant to derive soap from rendered beef fat or other utilization of carcass. however, even 15 years after closing down, it still smells nauseating.

His stencil work creates these little world that exists along side our and cause us to look at things around us from a different point of view.

Photos pulled from here.